About Saruti Safaris

Saruti Safaris has 20 years’ experience of organising wilderness safari walks within the Kruger National Park South Africa. We offer unique African wilderness experiences in the wild African bush. Our aim at Saruti Safaris is to provide you with a true, authentic, rustic bush experience.

All our walking safaris are led by a team of professionally qualified guides who are armed for your protection. You will be educated on an array of interesting subjects in the wild from the fauna and flora through to the big five. little five, insects and birds. They will explain and discuss how the ecosystem functions and what impact we as humans have on our environment. The bush comes alive when trailing through the wilderness areas; your senses are instantly heightened as you anticipate the wonderment that is the African bush

Wilderness ethics and philosophy are very important to Saruti Safaris. There are few real wilderness areas left for us to experience on earth. Saruti Safaris mission is to create awareness and encourage more people worldwide to respect and take care of our natural heritage so as to allow future generations to experience the uniqueness and exceptional beauty of nature.

It is never the same people that we say goodbye to than the people that we’ve met. A few days in the wild African bush will hopefully give you a revised perspective on life and a chance to just relax and allow the issues of the outside world to be muted.